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Continue the availability of old courses available on Coursera and save MOOC era.

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As its stated by Coursera  a few  days back that it will be shutting down all its old courses that are running from the time it started.
Coursera was the one that explained the meaning of Open Education to all of us.
Last week, Coursera sent an email to everyone announcing that they are shutting down their old platform on June 30th 2016, which contains hundreds of courses (such as Coursera co-founder Daphne Koller’s Probabilistic Graphical Models by Stanford , that may no longer become available, even for those who took those courses.Not only this but there are above 450 courses that will be totally removed of which near to 250 subject to your enrollment in them.
In 2014, Coursera started re-building their platform from scratch in order to accommodate self-paced “On Demand” courses. On the old platform, the courses were session based and had no predictable schedule. It was up to the university/professors discretion. It was quite common to encounter course that you liked, only to discover that the course is already finished.
We observed that many of the older session based courses moved to this new On Demand platform, but not all. We expect many of these of courses to eventually be moved to the on-demand platform.
We just want that these courses should be there as this is the turning age of Open education that is revolutionizing the world.
Though its the Coursera team that will be finalizing the decision we stand and always will as we always loved learning with Coursera and many of them even got their first jobs and many of them were able to learn courses off their professional career as their interests which otherwise they would not have been able to do so.
This petition just wants to not remove any course as it helps the current students and upcoming new students to get something to learn from it and may get them what they want.
As per analysis over 450 courses will be removed which are part of the old model.
Though the new model of Coursera will be there but still old is still gold.
Love You Coursera
From all the Learner( Big & Small) around the world
"Education for Everyone"

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