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County of Santa Cruz: Incorporate a bike into the Aptos Village Plan

The County of Santa Cruz has pending plans to commercially develop the now vacant land of Aptos Village. The area planned for development is the open space between the Post Office and Aptos Creek Rd. The commercial development will include a combination of retail, office, and residential.
As soon as summer of 2013 this land will be cleared and construction will begin. This means that our community will lose its pump track and the world-famous Post Office dirt jumps. Fortunately, the Aptos Village Plan has incorporated an “active public recreational use area”. The planning board sees the community’s need for a designated recreation area and is considering a bike or skate park. The proposed area is located just north of the current pump track.
Aptos needs your support in expressing the importance of using this designated recreation space for a new bike park!!
Please sign this petition to show you support. It will be submitted to the County of Santa Cruz to reinforce the need of a bike park in Aptos.

Letter to
County of Santa Cruz Planning Department
The cycling community needs a bike park in the new Aptos Village development. Please use the designated “public recreation site” at the edge of the Village Core for a community bicycle park.

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