Protect Pa’akai in Hanapepe

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The Salt Ponds of Hanapepe form a rich cultural hub for production of salt (pa’akai) a culturally significant resource traditionally cultivated and gathered by Native Hawaiians since time immemorial.  The Salt Ponds of Hanapepe are one of the very few remaining areas in the island where Native Hawaiian families continue to exercise their constitutionally protected traditional and customary salt making practices.  These practices are passed down from generation to generation to the next and into perpetuity.  Hanapepe Salt Ponds are only one traditional salt production centers in existence that is not used for profit or Sale.  The Hanapepe Salt Ponds are listed on the historic register site #00049 and state site #50-30-09-00049.

Pa’akai is used both ceremonially and medicinally.  It is critical to the preservation and perpetuation of many other Native Hawaiian traditions and customary practices.  The continued practice of traditional salt harvesting, interwoven into the expansive fabric of Native Hawaiian Culture, has far reaching effects.

Maverick Helicopter, Smokey Mountain, is going before County of Kaua’i Planning Commission to apply for after the fact permits and permits that would expand operations.   They are one of the biggest helicopter companies and expanding their facilities will have impacts on Hawaiian Salt Farming.  

The close proximity of Port Allen Airport to the Hanapepe Salt Ponds and its potential contribution to the pollution, noise, and chemical runoff has been a longstanding concern for pa’akai practitioners.

Please sign our petition against any Smokey Mountain, Maverick Helicopters. To Obtain a Class IV Zoning Permit and Use Permit to allow After-the-Fact improvements and proposed modifications to the existing helicopter facility at Port Allen Airport, Permit Applications Nos. Class IV Zoning Permit Z-IV-2019-13, Use Permit U-2019-10


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