Marc, Stop the Desecration of Moses African Cemetery!

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Stop the Desecration of Moses African Cemetery: An International Site of Genocide!

The desecration of Moses African Cemetery is an expression of the racist cultural annihilation—the genocide—of an African community that was kidnapped, abused, tortured, raped and then dumped in the area that is now known as Moses Cemetery. The Cemetery now lies under 80 feet of fill dirt and a parking lot. According to an archaeologist, there is little doubt that human remains are located under the area now being desecrated by Bethesda Self-Storage.

Construction has already begun on a new storage facility on top of this sacred burial ground! We call on County Executive Marc Elrich to immediately halt the desecration of Moses African Cemetery through eminent domain or any other legal provision available.

Black history matters, and Black ancestors matter! Let the dead rest in peace.