Reimagining Miami-Dade Police, Demands and Solutions

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OVERALL: Our aim is to better the communities we live in by addressing the problems with police, reimagining police, distributing funds to invest in communities directly, and including all community members in the budgeting process. 

These are broad demands that we have gathered and proposed solutions from community members. We will be releasing a detailed plan of action in the coming weeks. 


1. Decrease Miami Police Departments police budget.

2. Re-invest in the community (schools, parks, roads, after-school programs, food centers, etc.)

3. Community members are actively involved in planning the budget together.

4. Make records of police sexual assault and rape public and punishable by law. 

5. Send unarmed community health response teams for non-violent calls, especially mental health.

6. Replace police in schools with psychologists, social workers, counselors, teachers, and therapists.

7. Drop charges for protestors.