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Security, Safety, Dignity, Freedom For Women

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Half of the world's population belongs to women and almost 75% of work on earth is executed by women.

If women power ends, the world soon will end.

Therefore world’s better half i.e. women have all the right to make decisions about themselves in all areas of their interest.

But it is painful that on an average, there are 321,500 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault each year in United States.

The condition is even worse in other countries.

Gang rapes and Rapes are also the most common crimes against women in India.

As you are aware, in addition to this, the main cause of young and child female trafficking is the sex business or prostitution. Here women are placed in even worse condition than a gang rape for almost a life time’s duration.

In view of increased gang rapes, painful brutal barbarous atrocities on women throughout the world and increased female trafficking; all sex centers or prostitution centers should be stopped with immediate effect and all sorts of women sex business should be made illegal all over the world.

The millions of women population in these sex centers should be freed immediately and for their safe custody, all possible efforts be made to locate their family by the government in a time frame of max. 3 months.

If not possible, they should be rehabilitated in women's reform homes and be provided necessary training in various professional courses as per their ability.

Looking to the horrific and serious problem of women and also the natural urge and necessity of a male; it is proposed to open SEX DOLL CENTERS approved by government level on public and private basis.

In these centres, any person interested to relieve his sex urges can go and enjoy freely the full sized robot sex doll of his choice who is capable of performing all sexual acts of his fantasy.

Now onwards, country having sex dolls centres should be warned strictly that onwards, if any person make attempt to rape any girl, then he will be arrested immediately and his organ will be made inactive temporarily by surgery with immediate effect.

Then the person or group should be prosecuted in the Fast Track Court. The court will have to give its decision within three months.

With the conviction of the crime, his organ should be removed with life imprisonment.

If found innocent, his organ will be made active and normal.

In addition to this, following measures should also be taken to uplift women -

1.  Any kind of women harassment and molestation made by any person who so ever he may be, will be given strict punishment.

2.  It should be made mandatory to protect every woman's security, safety, dignity and freedom under all circumstances.

3.  Hoardings, Sign boards, Display boards should be mounted widely throughout the world for strict compliance to women’s respect, dignity, safety and security in all ways.

4.  Only after leaving the mindset of superiority of men, the country head can make rules to control rapes, gang rapes, exploitation and oppression on the women done by men and give them full protection and dignity, honour and prestige and provide free training, employment and also support to run home industry.

5.  Problems like hunger, malnutrition, disease, unemployment etc. in women are not short in this world and we should try to reduce them.

6.  We should also try to motivate women to fight against their inferiority, weakness, unemployment, helplessness and various other problems.

7.  Sometimes through anti-women quotes, men are nurturing rape, gang rap, exploitation and atrocities by trying to hide the failure of their own basic faults. We should try to support women under all circumstances.

Muktiya World Peace, Pleasure, Prosperity Trust is engaged in serving the mankind since last ten years for women's safety and security, public welfare, social uplift, public health, equality among all and also free treatment to poor, sick and the afflicted people.

Our trust requests the United Nations, All Country Heads, Feminine Organisations, Women Welfare Organisations and all Human Rights Organisations to support our Women Welfare Movement as above and to amend the law as required for a better world to the better half population of the world.

For security, safety, dignity, freedom and employment to women, all possible help and assistance shall be provided by our trust.

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