Reducing Plastic Packaging On Produce In New Zealand

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We have a climate crisis.

We have a plastic pollution crisis.

We want to reduce unnecessary plastic packaging in fruit and vegetables. Cucumbers have their own, natural protective skin. Why are we wrapping them in plastic? If we're serious about the plastic crisis, we need to rethink how well distribute and sell produce and take immediate action.

We're targeting major New Zealand corporations such as supermarkets like Countdown. We're planning to do this by showing Countdown the public's opinion on plastic packaging, and how damaging it is to the environment.

We need to reduce the amount of plastic packaging, since it's predicted that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Why do we still have bananas wrapped in layers and layers of plastic? Are we serious about taking action on the plastic crisis? Or are we just going to keep talking about it? If you are as frustrated at the lack of action on the climate crisis as us, please sign our petition.