Save Whiteman airport

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Save Whiteman airport from Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez call for closure

While we were all saddened to learn of the tragic death of this pilot in Pacoima yesterday, your assertion that Whiteman airport poses a public safety threat to the Pacoima community, which you believe derives no value from its operations, is not based in fact. In fact, it is wrong. 

Whiteman airport has been a tremendous part of this community since 1945 and is the busiest of the 5 airports owned by Los Angeles.  As you must be aware, Whiteman has over 230 based aircraft and with a significant Los Angeles County fire suppression operation and air base onsite with fire and rescue facilities.   Whiteman served a critical role in disaster relief following the Northridge earthquake when the Van Nuys Airport was closed.  The safety record for small aircraft (we call it General Aviation) has improved drastically since the 1990s with half as many fatal accidents occurring now.  More importantly, Whiteman is a valuable community resource which many members of the community enjoy.  The airports hosts a free annual open house  that is very well attended.  Each year, our community enjoys aircraft displays, interaction with the local flight schools, and opportunities for kids to learn about aviation clubs.  Kids age 7 to 18 year old can even take free airplane rides!!

Whiteman airport is a vital part of our community.  It is a vital transportation node that connects our community with the entire region and it generates tremendous economic impact.  Many small businesses exist at and around Whiteman, and the young adults learning to fly at Whiteman will likely pursue rewarding careers in aviation.  Your call to close this community asset is misinformed and ignores the benefit that so many of us derive from the airport.   Let’s work together to preserve this vital community asset!