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It's a's a plane...oh, what? It's a new "small cell" tower?!?! Look up in your neighborhood because the deployment of these cell towers recently happened to us in Del Rey, Calif. Thankfully, a neighbor stepped outside, asked the contractors some questions and learned more about these cell towers being placed throughout residential neighborhoods including ours in Del Rey. 

THE ISSUE: A small cell tower was placed on top of LADWP utility pole by AT&T in the Del Rey neighborhood sometime in mid-January 2018. A similar cell tower disguised as a streetlight also popped up just a few blocks away. Apparently, several other 'small cell' towers have recently popped up in the same Del Rey neighborhood. All of these towers were placed by either AT&T or Verizon who gave NO warning whatsoever (no letter, no knock on the door) to neighboring homes and of course, without any oversight or regulation from the City of Los Angeles! 

OUR CONCERNS: We're all for wireless connectivity and understand it is a part of our daily lives. However, we have some major concerns related to 'small cell' or 'micro-cell' towers being placed in residential neighborhoods:

  • We do not want to be subject to the harmful effects of cell tower radiation. See letter here from Dr. Golomb of UCSD School of Medicine; read more scientific research and articles here. In fact, here is just a sampling of the neighbors who live directly in front of these cell towers, whose health is being compromised: a newborn baby who was in the NICU for two weeks; a breast cancer survivor; senior citizens with health ailments; and families with young children. 
  • We do not want our property values declining. Read 2014 survey results here on how cell towers negatively affects property value.  
  • And we do not want the aesthetics of our neighborhood being ruined with unsightly cell towers - regardless of its size. Our safety can also be compromised. First, it starts out 'small' but without regulation, how many other cell phone companies will place these devices on top of utility poles? How many boxes and devices will be added? Will the City of LA fine these wireless companies, similar to what happened in Malibu in 2007 because utility poles were overloaded with equipment and caused fires in the neighborhood?


  • Make Del Rey and Los Angeles County uphold its duty to protect the residents by enforcing the codes and ensure that future construction of wireless infrastructure be completed intelligently and responsibly where the needs of the residents, not the telecommunication companies, come first.
  • Demand that AT&T responsibly place its towers in better locations that will not hurt the people of our county or our environment.
  • Stop these cell towers from being activated and let wireless companies know that we are willing to offer suggestions and be proactive at working out solutions together, but not at the risk of our rights, health, happiness and future. 

We, the undersigned, request that our local government along with wireless companies such as AT&T and Verizon listen to us, respect our needs and immediately act upon them.  Our community should not be sacrificed for the business growth and prosperity of wireless companies. 

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

Janet D. and Kat J. (Residents of Del Rey, CA)

We are a concerned group of residents in Del Rey, California whose mission is to protect our homes and our children from 'small cell' towers being built in R-1 zoned residential communities.

UPDATEThe Argonaut, our local weekly newspaper, wrote about this cell tower issue earlier this week. Read the story here:



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