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Stop the Criminalization of Homelessness

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PASS urges the City Council to defer Bill 48 indefinitely. Even if emergency shelter was the best solution to ending homelessness, which it is not, there is a vast lack of shelter beds available for the number of unsheltered homeless persons on Oahu. If the City or State cannot provide housing for the homeless, laws such as what Bill 48 proposes would unfairly target the most vulnerable and send them to prison. This is clearly unconstitutional.

Since Bill 42 has passed, banning sitting and lying on sidewalks in Waikiki, the homeless population has grown in other districts and the enforcement of Bill 42 has proven that it has not solved the homeless issue but has only made it worse for other areas. Bill 48 will do much of the same but to greater extent. Bill 48 would also make the work of social services seeking to help the homeless population obtain permanent housing significantly more difficult.

"The old approach of emergency shelters and transitional housing has been a FAILURE. Housing First has been accepted nationally. This is the key to ending chronic homelesness." - OverCriminalized: Nowhere to Go But Jail? (Brave New Films),


IN ADDITION to signing this petition, you can email the Honolulu City Council and tell them not to pass BILL 48.



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