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As the flu epidemic continues to affect millions across the country, restaurant workers need, want and deserve paid sick days more than ever. The restaurant industry is characterized by low wage jobs with little access to benefits, such as health insurance or sick days.

In Philadelphia 93% of restaurant workers lack access to earned sick days and 2/3 have reported working while sick because they feared retaliation if they did not go to work or because they could not afford to miss a day's pay.

This is not only a workers' rights issue. It is also a public health issue. Other cities like Seattle, San Francisco and Milwaukee and states like Connecticut already have legislation in place to provide paid sick leave to workers and it's time for Philadelphia to join them.

Philadelphia City Councilman Mark Squilla represents the district in our city with the most restaurants and he will be a key vote on this issue now that legislation has been introduced in support of paid sick leave. If you are concerned about eating in restaurants where your server or kitchen staff could be sick, let Councilman Squilla know.

Everyone gets sick and deserves the opportunity to stay home to recover without risking their livelihood. Join us in calling on Councilman Squilla to support paid sick days for all workers.

Letter to
Councilman Mark Squilla
I am a diner at many Center City restaurants and I support restaurant workers having access to paid sick days. This is not only a workers' rights issue. It is also a public health issue. I hope that you will vote YES on paid sick days so that I may continue patronizing of Philadelphia's fine eating establishments without having to worry about my health or the health of my family.

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