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Increase the area given to cougars at the Toronto Zoo to roam in!

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The Toronto Zoo has done a WONDERFUL JOB housing 95% of animals found in the area. They have lots of room to run, and get to enjoy their one and only lives in open air, feeling FREE and being WELL FED. There are a couple animals, like the Polar Bears, who seem to have unnecessarily small enclosures, but that being said, perhaps they are resigned to their pool and hill. 

In the case of the Cougars, the situation is DIFFERENT from the generally HIGH standards at the Toronto Zoo.

I went all around the Zoo, and saw happy animals EVERYWHERE EXCEPT in the cougar enclosure. 

There were TWO cougars in there. One was sleeping. However, the one that was awake was PACING back and forth in the left part of the enclosure, IN CIRCLES with a medium-level, angry, deep, growl. It looked me directly in the eyes as if to say "if you were locked in here all day, you would lash out too."  Don't judge their behaviour as normal, until you are forced to live like them. Go there yourselves and look at their state!

A cougar is meant to have a LARGE area of exploration in OPEN AIR, NOT a wood and rope play-pen where the only running is had in REPETITIVE CIRCLES. If the OTHERWISE-NEARLY-PERFECT organizers at the Toronto Zoo insist on keeping the Cougars in a play-pen all their lives for safety reasons or what have you, fine, but please AT THE VERY LEAST DOUBLE the size of the play-pen enclosure for these Cougars. This is possible, as their enclosure backs onto a Forest, so just open up the back end of it onto the enclosed forest behind it, no need to harm the forest, just widen their roaming space ONTO it. They are begging for it, though they cannot speak up for themselves. They NEED to be given space to "play hunt".

Again, I would much prefer relocating them to an open enclosure, but I'm not here to harass a great management team, I'm just here to help a fellow soul in this universe. I understand that the Toronto Zoo has various constraints, and so, I hope the Board of Management, and the Councillors do the right thing, and, at LEAST, double the size of the Cougar's play-pens, if there are to remain there. I don't profit from saying this, I am doing this because the Cougars are mammals just like us, and no mammals should be treated to such an unnaturally small enclosure for them. This isn't a PETA complaint about every little thing, it's just a SIMPLE, basic animal-right for those of us trying to be decent towards these majestic creatures.

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