Save our 11 Anzac Memorial Mango Trees

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11 Queensland Heritage Protected Mango Trees in the suburb of Mango Hill, are under threat due to a development application wanting to cut them down to build a slip lane to turn into the estate.  

These trees were planted as part of the Anzac Memorial Avenue between 1926-1933, in honour of fallen soldiers in WW1.  The road is now known as Anzac Avenue.  

"In its route, and as an extensive tree-lined avenue of planned and evenly spaced plantings, Anzac Memorial Avenue is important in demonstrating the characteristics of a memorial avenue."
(Source: the Anzac Memorial Avenue Heritage register:

These trees are protected for a reason. Developers need to work around them. No excuse! 

The Mango Tree section of Anzac Ave is much admired by locals and travellers through the region, and is specifically listed as a notable planting in the Anzac Memorial Avenue's heritage register : 

"700 metre Mango tree (Mangifera indica) avenue between the Bruce Highway and Kinsellas Road, Mango Hill"

We need to Protect these Trees and Ensure the Heritage Importance of the Anzac Memorial Avenue and Respect for our Anzacs is Not Lost!

The Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) didn't put any objection in relating to the removal of these trees. In fact they were the ones who added a "future road" into the land parcel, giving the developer the impression it was ok.
(More info here:

It is now sitting with State Government to do the rejecting and protect these trees.

Ensure the State Government knows you want to keep these trees by signing this petition.