Reverse decision to make fortnightly bin collections in Luton from 2nd October 2018

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We ask the council to change and reverse the decision of fortnightly bin collections, as we believe it will cause disruption to the towns life than what has been anticipated. Keeping the broader perspectives in mind our arguments are as follows:

1) Not concerned with neighbouring councils decisions to meet shortfalls in their respective budgets, we regard your decision a retrogressive step in local council services daily mechanism. Council hasn’t explained as to what other avenues it has explored to avoid this decision.

2) Since the decision has become more widely known (only two weeks ago!), many resident meetings have been held, where people have expressed their opinions about non consultation on this issue, and you, Cllr Tom Shaw, Cllr Tahir Malik were present at one such meeting.

3) A 2” by 2” tag stuck with bins some months ago cannot be sufficient publicity for an issue of this magnitude and many residents regard lack of consultations as a mark of disrespect towards honest council tax payers. 

4) On the back of 1% majority, such a huge decision, which will cause lots of hardship and enormous health & social well-being issues and could possibly turn to be more costly in the long run than saving money.

5) Council’s bid for city status is likely to face difficulties, when streets will be littered with more rubbish on the streets, in turn increasing pest population in terms of foxes and rats loitering around excessive rubbish being left outside.

6) Council’s consultation was fundamentally flawed as no letters were posted to residents as not many were aware of this discreet online survey, therefore a much larger community response would have been achieved.