Allan. A Lamport Off Leash Dog Park

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This is a petition to install a beautiful ~8000sqft off leash dog park on the west side of Allan A. Lamport Park. Ward 14 has only 2 off leash dog parks (Sorauren Avenue Park & Baird Park) yet liberty village has a higher resident/dog ratio than those areas. The most recently approved Off Leash Dog Area in Liberty Village is the Bill Johnston Dog Run. This run is an 8 minute walk from Stanley Park. The proposed Off Leash area for Allan A. Lamport Park would be a 13 minute walk west from Bill Johnston. This should help expand the reach of dog parks since there is a dead zone west of Bill Johnston. The Off Leash Run on Joe Shuster Way is not city operated, poorly maintained, there is a lack of drainage, minimal methods of disposal which causes many dogs to get sick and it is way too small/narrow. This space will also most likely be demolished (as the city still owns the land) come the construction of the new Smart Track Go station. The huge new complex at King and Joe Shuster that will be opening around September and two new condos being built at King and Dufferin also means more dogs. We need a real park that can support rising density. Due to lack of space, many dog owners are using Rita Cox park on leash for their dogs as well as off leash, illegally. This has lead to tension between the residents and concerned families; which will only get worse. Establishing an Off Leash Dog Park in Allan A. Lamport Park will help to reunite the community and establish safe spaces for all. The city requires safe distances between certain spaces, but the west side of Allan A. Lamport Park has no playground, no playing field and is non-residential. The Off Leash Area is proposed to be adjacent the exclusive heritage land and will be fenced off as well. Dogs will get a place they can run free, children can continue to use the surrounding playgrounds safely, and residents can enjoy Rita Cox and the other parts of Allan A. Lamport Park without being surrounded by off leash dogs.