Exile Gina Miller from the UK in the event of a no deal Brexit

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Gina Miller is a constant disruptive voice in British politics and pedaller of illegal action to thwart the UK leaving the EU as a pro-remainer who refuses to give up the ghost and call it a day. Short of being arrested, we believe that this is a more fitting punishment for Miller that she live the EU dream, abroad, only if a "no deal" is finalised after the 31st of October 2019.. This petition is to be ongoing until a final verdict on Brexit or Government response gives us closure. 

She is constantly given a platform in which to be heard and launch her corrupt lawsuits against a fundamental democratic vote that was put forward in black and white to our great nation, while she has no sphere of influence over the direction of Brexit, is not a person of interest, continues her attempts to assist in defying the will of the people. 17.4 million people, to be precise. 

The least of her charges should be: contempt of court, obstruction of justice, forging a lawsuit and political meddling. 

I hereby declare this petition a good will message to her personally and with the help of British Parliament consider the sincerity of this petition, remove Gina Miller permanently from the UK should it be the case that the end result of the negotiating process is a no deal Brexit.

I hope for this change to be discussed and televised in The house of commons or Parliament if necessary, to reach a formal conclusion when it happens if we reach 100,000

I will be immediately available for comment or interview (only if this petition is successful) should it be requested there after and not before. 

Kind Regards: England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.