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European Union, STOP supporting Islamic Regime in Iran!

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Beginning on December 28, 2017 protests against worsening economic conditions and rampant corruption in the Islamic Republic of Iran transformed into a nationwide rebellion against the country’s theocratic regime. The first wave of anti-regime protests spanned approximately two weeks and spread to more than 80 cities and towns across Iran. Slogans included: “Down with Dictator!” “Islam and the Quran, we sacrifice them both to Iran!” “Neither for Gaza, nor for Lebanon, we will sacrifice our lives for Iran!” ”Khamenei is a murderer, his position as a leader is not deserved!” “A member of Basij is the enemy of Iranian people that drinks the blood of the nation!” and “Cyrus is our father, Iran is our motherland!”

Nearly 4,000 protesters were arrested, and hundreds were killed during the regime’s crackdown. Since then, over the past weeks, there has been widespread non-conformity to mandatory hijab on the part of Iranian women. We expect new waves of demonstrations to begin again, and for the Islamic Republic to be toppled at any given moment.

We, the Iranian people, are very disappointed in the response of European Union officials and the heads of state of European Union member nations to the ongoing social and political situation in our country. In his discussion with President Rouhani at the height of the crisis, President Macron failed to recognize that the Rouhani government in particular, and the theocratic regime as a whole, has lost its legitimacy. Instead, Macron seemed more interested in being assuring that Rouhani would “clean up” the situation so that it would not cause a Public Relations crisis for France.

If this horrendous misconstrual of the situation in Iran is not disingenuous, then the highest foreign affairs office of the European Union is utterly incapable of even the most basic intelligence collection and sociological analysis. If, on the other hand, such remarks represent a deliberate attempt to turn a blind eye to the grievances and suffering of Iranian protesters (the majority of which are anti-Islamic, let alone “ultra-conservative”), then let the record stand that the European Union has endorsed the theocratic tyranny of the Islamic Republic. Ms. Mogherini and her aide should immediately be dismissed from their posts. If they are not, we will consider the later interpretation correct. In that event, once the will of the people prevails in Iran, we will sever all economic and diplomatic relations with the European Union. Given that transactions with the Islamic Republic of Iran account for around 10% of Germany’s international trade alone, that will come as quite a blow to the European economy. We are sure that, on our end, the slack can be taken up by increased trade with the United States of America, whose President and other leading representatives of both political parties, have unequivocally supported the courageous struggle of Iranians for freedom and a government that reflects Iran’s glorious and ancient civilization.

Consider yourselves forewarned.

Iranian community.

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