Encourage the EU to prevent Rhino Trophy Hunting in South Africa.

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South Africa have recently announced an intention to allow up to nine critically endangered Black Rhinos to be legally hunted for trophies. There are only between 5,000 and 5,500 black rhinos alive in the wild today.

There are 513.5 million people in the European Union, most of whom will be absolutely disgusted that the EU backed the proposed killing of these animals. The excuse for killing these animals is the money goes into conservation. The irony is that hunting has caused the problem in the first place. Killing more of them is of no benefit to the survival of the species. A larger gene pool will be of much more benefit for the long term survival of the species. Tourism to see these animals will be of much greater long term benefit to South Africa too. 

So we call on the EU to provide the money that would be raised by hunting these magnificent animals so they don't have to die for the vanity of a hunter.  You failed to ban the ivory trade but you can do something positive here.