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Campaign To Regulate/Abolish ICO's

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Unscrupulous activites of ICO are becoming unbearable and need to curtailed. Over $2 billion dollars have been raised with nothing to show for it. I've personally lost thousand of dollars while trying to invest in an idea i thought could change the world and the stories is the same across all ICO's.

Govt of all nation (except china) seems to have turned a blind eye leaving ICO vultures to feast on innocent investors

0.01% of ICO's are real and even at that they cheat there investors by changing terms or not releasing any stake in there company while they lavish there new found wealth.

We should investigate ICOs more seriously, and ask tough questions about returns & obligations.

We should demand proofs & trustless mechanisms to ensure the token worth.

$30m is 0.1% of the entire Eth cap. Do you really think any one idea could be worth that much?

In the fiat world, 0.1% of the USD is $4b. Heard of any startup raising $4b based on a paper and a team list?

No? So stop dumping your precious ETH on ICOs.

The main problem now is how ICO 's now comfortably scam innocent investors of there hard earn money while they advertise everywhere targeting unsuspecting investors on promises they would never fulfil.

I could come to terms with myself loosing money but watching it scam others while i fold my hands isn't what i can allow. The world is hard enough, we don't need any ICO's to make it worst

This is a daylight scam which has been left to grow to an over bearing stage and it's been promoted by top media houses,social media and celebrities.

My main goal here is to create a massive awareness campaign against ICO's that'll enlighteen and educate teeming investors the dangers of ICO's and keep them immune to falling for there gimmicks.

And also for  government to abolish ICO's or make law to regulate there activities and also go after ICO's that have defrauded innocent people.

And to the media organizations and social ,they should stop advertising those scam of an ICO or atleast vet the ICO's that are been advertised on there platform

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