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Call for the EU to ban Bullfighting within the EU

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The aim of this petition, is to convince the European Union to draft legislation, which outlaws Bullfighting within all EU countries. 

Why should you outlaw Bullfight? Contrary to the arguments of Bullfighting being 'a sport' being a form of 'entertainment' or being a 'cultural spectacle', Bullfighting is cruel and barbaric. 

The barbaric nature of cruel fighting is apparent before and after the 'fight'. Before the fight the Bull is both physically and psychologically weakened so that it cannot fight back. Bulls also are known to have their senses weakened, such as their vision and ears are blocked, so that they cannot fight back.

The act of the Bullfight is a torturous and agonizing the event for the Bull. They are slowly, stabbed to death from anywhere from 20 minutes to a full half hour. They are stabbed and taunted for the duration of that time. The 'final act' sees the Bull slowly suffering for a painful 6 minutes, where they are painfully and brutally stabbed to death. 

Often though, these Bulls are alive, even after all that torment. Still, no compassion is shown to them, and they are dragged out along the ground, out of the arena, as if they were a log being pulled away by a tractor. 

The event of Bullfight is thoroughly cruel and barbaric. There is no room for this immoral activity in 21st century Europe. 

You state in your 'EU Animal Welfare Strategy' that it is your commitment to improve animal welfare standards. You state that: 

''The European Commission is striving to ensure that farm animals
are kept and transported under conditions that
do not subject them to maltreatment, abuse, pain
or suffering.'' 

Yet, Bulls who are part of Bullfighting, usually come from farms, they are farm animals. Farm animals which are being transported to be subjected to; maltreatment, abuse, pain and suffering. 

It is therefore, your expressed aim to stop animals, like Bulls, from being transported to being deliberately abused. When Bulls are taken from farms, to Bullfighting rings, they are being transported to being maltreated and abused. Therefore, at the very least, the EU should be aiming to ban farmers from supplying Bulls to any Bullfighter, or any Bull ring. 

At best, we hope that this will lead the European union to ban outright Bullfighting in every country across the European Union. This will lead to the EU becoming a more compassionate place in the 21st century.

In this petition we are calling you to do two things:

1. Make it illegal for farms to supply bullfighters or bull rings with bulls.


2. To make it illegal for any country within the EU to have bullfights. 

Thank you for taking the time to reach this petition. I hope that we can create a more compassionate and empathetic world together.

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