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Be hungry for change, Health is Wealth.

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Dear Sir/ Madam and my Fellow World Citizen,

I am 26 year old young man from Ghana, in a village near Elmina in a small fishing community called Ampenyi, we have more than 2771 population in the village, but the village have no Toilet  facilities where the villagers go, so people normally visit the nature(go to toilet in bush) which at the end, some of the villagers get bitten by snakes, We don't have hospital or clinic in the village, so many of the villagers die from common sickness like malaria, fever and other small illness.. You can also see a little beautiful girl called Grace  in my profile, who got burnt accidently by fire in my village, but i will say, because there wasn't any clinic or hospital in my village to give her first Aid, and also since she is from very poor home, the poor parent couldn't send her to hospital for medical care, as a result, it has affected her daily life activities like; Washing, Writting at school, bathing and e.t.c So now, i am also finding means and support to help this little girl to go under surgery to come back to her normal life activities again...

In our village the School don't have chairs, Tables and other  learning material which affect the children education performance... Most of the children sit on the floor during class a hours and by doing that, they becomes very dirty and some times get sick from this dirt and unknown bacterias,  Our village also suffers a lot  with our water system, when ever the Pipe in our village is close for some weeks, the people of my village have to drink, bath, wash and do other things with local Wells, Ponds, Lakes and other unhealthy water source, which at the end, brings a lot of sickness like Cholera, Blihizia etc..

The Chief, the Queen mother, Opinion leaders and entire community, my family and self will be very grateful if there could be any support from you and the other citizens of the World to help to save our viliage from this hard situations.. concerning OUR Health, School, Water and Toilet issues.. Our community, family and i will be safe when people hear our petition and support us... Since  I have already started with a local founded and registered Organisation here in our Village, given support to Orphans, Less Advantage children and the Youth in my village and it surrounds hope and better future, You can visit our website and see what we are doing and be part of us and to serve our village.. which the chief in our village is part of it and welcomes everyone who also want to make the World a nice place for human kind, Thanks for your support and being part of the change.. Please you can also see more  pictures of us and our village in our website or on facebook/ thanks for understand..


Our village, Okchi-Team and Ghana Will be grateful and glad to hear from you back, Thanks!!

Hope and Believe that, Together We Can Change The World.



God Bless you all, Peace, Love and Light.

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