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Stop Fur Farming!!!!

Countless animals in China are being ruthlessly slaughtered for the production of fur products.Dogs, cats and other animals are caged, crated, shipped, beaten, tortured and then many SKINNED ALIVE for fur products, including fur trims, fur handbags and accessories. This petition has been commenced to halt the cruelty of the fur trade, particularly the cruelty shown in China. Such barbaric treatment of animals should not be commonplace in the 21st century! With your signatures, we can hopefully address the source of the problem, the fashion houses of the world, because without their demand, there would be little need for supply and hopefully this brutality will stop! Please sign the petition, an animal's life is worth more than a painful, brutal death for the sake of fashion.

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  • Council of Fashion Designers of America
    Diane von Furstenburg

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