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All  of a sudden after a whole month has gone we got an advisory from Council of Architecture that the Thesis submission would be on schedule as per decided earlier but where has Council Of Architecture had gone from last one Month. Here are some of the points I want to highlight and oppose.

1.      Many of the colleges had been Shut down from one month and no further discussions or notice has been given about the thesis.

2.      Faculty and college had not conducted any Discussions or reviews on Thesis.

3.      Online jury is not a good idea, days after days we work on Research project many hand Drawing sketches and many more how can we expect about online virtual jury? Without any hand or pencil work on sheets?

4.      Online jury is not possible for all Students, Many students lack speedy Internet, Good quality mobile and high MP cameras, without an average mobiles or systems even any network Coverage area in there Hometown how can anyone judge their sheets while explaining and our Hard work are not for a video.

5.      Online jury for a Thesis is extremely unfair to the students...How can one express their ideas via a Video call.