Getting barricades/ deterrent put in place next to roads to decrease possum deaths

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More and more possums and other wildlife are being pushed out of their homes and onto busy highways and roads. In the last few weeks I have seen a number of possums run over left in the middle of the road to be repeatedly squashed. Last night as I was driving a possum ran across the road and on my way back I have found it dead, it had been run over by a car. These animals don’t know the dangers of roads and can’t process a car coming 70-100km at then with headlights quick enough to save themselves. This is why we need barricades or a safe deterrent that doesn’t harm them but doesn’t allow them to come onto these busy highways to their death. If your an animal lover like myself, please help to make a change. No one likes to drive past and see a dead possum, so why would you? Please help make this a reality with me. We need to raise this awareness to people of the council who have the resources to be able to do this. It’s their job to keep our roads safe and with possums and other animals running onto the road a “be careful kangaroo” sign isn’t what we need. We need the right resources, like bollards put in place on the busiest roads. They have been put in Victorian roads and they are activated by vehicles approaching and release a flashing light and noise that repels wildlife to not approach the roads. This is what we need to help prevent the devastating collisions between cars and our wildlife. 
Please help make a change.