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The Pit-bull was the most popular dog in the 20th century. What happened? How did this breed become so misunderstood?
According to the APBT's (American Temperment Testing Association) pitbulls have 85.3% passing rate. In the Alabama Supreme Court's rulling that there no genetic evidence that one dog is more aggresive then the other.
World War One, pitbulls represented America. They were our heros. But there is more
.Popsicle-Drug sniffing dog for the federal Government.
.Stubby-WW1, the most decorative war dog in u.s history.
.Weela-Saved 30 people, 29 dogs,13 horses and 1 cat during a flood in southern california.
Think Pit-bulls Are Dangerous Listen To This.
About 40 children per day drowned in a 5 gallon pail of water. A person during their lifetime is 16x more likely to be drowned in a water pail then by a pitbull.
Approximately 50 children in the u.s are killed by their cribs, thats 25x more likely to be killed by a crib then by a pitbull.
150 People are killed every year by falling cocunuts. 60x more likely to be killed by a cocunut then by a pitbull.
350 people die in their bathtubs 151x more likely to be killed in a bathtub then by a pitbull.
Each year 2000 children in the u.s are killed by their parents or caretakers by abuse or neglect. 800x more likely to be killed by your caretaker then by a pitbull.
To everyone who hates pitbulls there are 10.5 million who dont kill.!! Remember that.!
A little More
Pitbulls are 30-40% of dogs population thats 10,600,000 pitbulls. A little over 100 people have been killed by a pitbull, But 1,250,000 pitbulls die per year by humans, its more likely for you to kill a pitbull then the other way around!! 115 people die on motorcycles everyday, but they don't ban motorcycles do they? 5,000,000 dogs are killed in the shelters and pitbulls take up 50% of the shelter.
Society was told that pitbulls are fighters, they are mean and they are a danger to kids. But Dalmations are more agressive to kids. And I am going to agree with what society was told and heres why.
Pitbulls fight to wake-up every morning to put a smile on your face and to remind you why you love them.
Pitbulls are mean, they are mean enough to jump up on your bed and squish you so that they can cuddle with you because they love you so much.
They are dangerous, dangerous enough to knock you down so they can lick your face off. But there is no way you can tell me that you can judge a pitbull because the stories you hear. You can never convince me that they are aggresive to humans. They were never bread with the quality of Human aggression. You can love them ,care for them, or blame them, it's easy to blame them, when all they did is what you taught them and they pay the ultimate price. You can judge the deed not the breed give them a try before sentincing them all to die.
People are stupid for making that law. But they can blame the breed but not once have they said something about the human. And you buy a pitbull then you will never regret loving the dog showing them a little love, they will show you loyality, love and kindness. And if you want to keep your pitt then do what you have to.!!

2003 (no ban in place):

Total Dog Bites: 85

Bites by Pit Bulls: 15

Bites by ALL other breeds: 70

Lab Bites: 4

Boxer Bites: 1

German Shepherd Bites: 5

2004 was a really bad year in Council Bluffs, and what ended up creating their breed Ban:


Total Dog Bites: 131 (54% increase)

Pit Bull Bites: 29 (93% increase)

All other Dog Bites: 102 (46% increase)

Labs: 14 (250% increase)

Boxers: 1 (flat)

German Shepherds: 12 (140% increase)

So in 2005, they passed BSL, marking the first year of their pit bull ban:


Total Dog Bites: 115

Pit Bull Bites: 12

All other dog bites: 103

Lab Bites: 20

Boxer Bites: 1

German Shepherd Bites: 11

So overall, they decrease pit bull bites, but all others remained at their record high levels.


Total Dog Bites: 132

Pit Bull Bites: 6

All other Dog Bites: 126 (ouch! -- that's a 24% increase)

Lab Bites: 23

Boxers: 12

German Shepherds: 12

Then, 2007:

Total Dog Bites: 98 (finally a decrease, still not to 2003 pre-ban levels, but we're not at record highs either)P

Pit Bull Bites: 2

All other breeds: 96

Labs: 14

Boxers: 5

German Shepherds: 13

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