Human rights defender Josy facing forced removal from UK

Human rights defender Josy facing forced removal from UK

7 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mary Garrett

Can you help? Our friend Josy fears for her life after an attempt to deport her under the UK government’s hostile environment for asylum seekers. 

Will you sign this petition calling for her to be given the right to remain in the UK? 

A cheerful, caring person, Josy’s active defence of human rights and involvement with Zimbabwe’s main opposition party makes her a target for brutal reprisals from the ruling party ZANU-PF. Her barrister believes there are sufficient grounds for her to be awarded asylum.  

We call on the Home Office and the Government to grant Josephine (Josy) Sipiwe Jenje-Mudimbu leave to remain in the UK.

A Quaker from Harare, Josy, 56, has attended Norton Quaker Meeting in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, since she arrived in the UK in 2018 after leaving her home country, and her daughter behind.  

A long-standing advocate of women’s rights, Josy is a former broadcaster, film maker and secretary of Women Film Makers of Zimbabwe. Her activism in allyship for LGBTQI+ rights in Zimbabwe and in the UK also places her at risk under current Zimbabwean policy.  

Josy is currently on crutches with a suspected fracture after resisting up to six enforcement operatives during the deportation attempt last month, prevented only by a successful last minute appeal by her barrister.  

Since living in Stockton, Josy has continued to live out her Quaker beliefs, volunteering for a drug addiction charity, and for the last two years volunteering regularly for the British Heart Foundation shop in Stockton.  

The climate of disbelief currently deeply embedded in the Home Office leads to many undeserved refusals of asylum cases. 

Please sign this petition and help our much-loved friend stay in the UK rather than being returned to Zimbabwe to face possible death. 

Thank you for helping us and Josy.

Mary Garrett & friends

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Signatures: 2,685Next Goal: 5,000
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