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Give CouchSurfers Their "Usable" Web-site Back - a.k.a. - Roll Back The CS Design To Pre- NOV. 2014

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The recent User Interface [UI] "upgrade" to the [CS] web-site has been met with severe dissappointment and upset all of the CouchSurfers [CSers] around the world.

We, the passionate and dedicated CSers around the world want to save you,, from your own mis-doings and resuscitate it back to where it was a few days ago, prior to the UI change. 

Therefore, this petition is a plea from every CSer, to revert and roll-back the CS design back to what it was, prior to the 'upgrades' to CS (in mid-November 2014). should be sustaining and building upon this huge global base of passion & commitment of the CS community that has been created over the last 10 years, otherwise they stand to lose the majority of this dedicated user-base.

If CS does not think it could lose its end-users, it has happened many times in the past, i.e. people leave something that is terrible to use...and that's saying a lot (i.e. the older CS design is better than this newer CS design!)


** Please share this page and let us get more signatures, to show how dissatisfied we are **



You may also wish to add your feedback, directly to the CS organization, about the new changes to the CS web-site (in NOV-2014) or report a problem with the web-site.

Here is the link to the "Official Feedback Form" ---> Report Feedback & Bugs for the New Couchsurfing Site



 To learn more about the changes to the new CS web-site, there is a lot of comments & explanations from the CS team in their "FAQ" section here:

* Why are you rebuilding Couchsurfing?
* Privacy Settings and Usernames
* Private and Archived Groups
* Inbox
* Events
* Search and Search Sorting
* Vouching
* Profile HTML and Customizations
* Your Profile & 'Profile Completeness'
* 'Place Pages' are now 'Local Discussions'
* Couchsurfing Contacts
* What's Next?


here is an article about the origins of CS and recent events in the organization's history: 

How to Lose Funds and Infuriate Users: Couchsurfing, a Cautionary Tale From the "Sharing Economy"


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