Ensure safe driving on Killer Roads

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A dear colleague, Dr Tushar Patel, young cardiac surgeon from Ahmedabad lost his life in an accident, without his fault. A mini truck which was driving on the wrong side of the express highway banged on his car head-on.

As a concerned resident of Ahmedabad, and as a cardiologist, I worry about the road safety precautions we have in our city. It's unfortunate that I had to lose my friend and colleague this way.

The Gujarat Road Safety Authority Act was passed in December 2017, but we barely see its implementation. 

  • Traffic rule violations are rampant. They are considered Macho and not punished by traffic cops due to sheer negligence of work and for corruption . This results in no fear of law by the public. 
  • Traffic Police Corruption:  Anonymous checks on behaviour and dealings of traffic police will instil fear in corrupt ones.
  • Traffic Violation Surveillance: CCTV cameras, Speeding detection by RADARs and easy citizen reporting of traffic violation and corruption incidences would be great
  • Safe Vehicles: Mandatory minimum safety features for vehicle should match international standards, like air bags, ABS, EBD, Mandatory periodic minimum maintenance of the vehicles particularly brakes and tires .
  • Driver Testing:  for granting license are done in careless and corrupt manner. Make it strict and effective to produce safe drivers.
  • Helmet/ Seatbelt Rules: Make effective driver education initiatives backed up by effective punitive measures

These all are very much preventable with political will.

Through this petition, I am asking for the proper implementation of the Gujarat Road Safety Authority Act.

There is a need for traffic rules to be followed, to avoid deaths like those of my colleague, for no fault of their own.