Save Ogden 6 Theatre

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Recently, news had been broken that Costco had purchased the abandoned Kmart on 1199 E. Ogden Ave in the strip mall. Along with the Kmart, the building of Costco would also take out the gem that is Classic Cinemas Ogden 6 Theatres. 

Ogden 6 has been around the Naperville area since 1976 when it was owned by AMC. In 1996, Classic Cinemas had purchased the theatre and revitalized it into what it is today. Starting in 2018, plans had been put into place to revamp the theatre into a first-run theater opposed to receiving movies weeks after they have come out. In August of 2018, Ogden had received upgraded screens and had begun the process of the remodel. Over the course of the year Ogden 6 received heated recliner seats, a new self-serve station which included new drink machines and icee machines. At the conclusion of it all, Ogden 6 received a new lobby with ticket kiosks and new concessions counter. The long list of improvements had been completed and made Ogden shine once again.

All of these upgrades had undoubtedly increased the amount of moviegoers that come to Ogden 6. Friends and family can enjoy coming to this theater knowing the prices are fair and free refills on all sizes of popcorn and drinks is something that is not seen very often in the movie theater industry. Ogden 6 has definitely grown immensely from where it started and has brought in more guests than before. In the eyes of many, Ogden has been a hidden gem for years. However, in recent times the guests of the theater have shed light on Ogden 6 and have turned it into a shining diamond. It would be sad to see the diamond that is Ogden 6 diminish.

I worked at Ogden 6 when I was 17 years old back in 2016. This place is very different than any other movie theater. The experience is personal and you start to remember the faces that come in. I have bonded immensely with the regular guests that come in and I'm forever grateful for them and the kindness they have shown me. To see this place go would be devastating, as it would be destroying 44 years of history. 

If you can, please sign this petition to bring attention to Costco, the Ogden mall management, and Classic Cinemas. Additionally, it would be great if you could include your personal experiences about Ogden 6 and how the demolition impacts you.