Lifetime ban from Costco for Manny Ranga and Violetta Perez

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The husband and wife bought out every pack of disinfectant wipe they could to profit. Shorting the local economy in this time and profiting off people's demand and shortage of these products. Business wise, smart move; however the ethical motives in this is utter garbage. These people need some course of action taken towards them that is for sure. I'm making this petition in hopes to have Costco serve these two and others caught doing this a lifetime ban from every entering their doors. There is no rule or law that says they can't do this but there is also isn't one saying if us, the people, want some sort of consequence taken towards these acts of lawful extortion. Their claims of having a high cost of living and hiding behind their children's need to maintain attendance of a private school while everyone even the other students parents are under the same global conditions. I'm truly sorry for their children of these two of humans, as you have only begun to see the backlash of your pathetic actions. Don't think you can turn around and toss some money at a friend's charity or whatever you hope to salvage your actions. What's done is done. And I along with others agree. You've abuse Costco for they offer the public bulk items reasonably priced. No fault on Costco I appreciate your items in every isle, but please agree with serving these people with lifetime bans. Their actions are an embarrassment. 

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