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Costco: stop throwing away good food, donate instead to hungry people

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I have recently been informed that if food at Costco is not sold by their best before dates, then it will all be thrown into the garbage or compost. They do not mark down any foods and instead keep everything full price until the best before date and then they throw it all away. This includes meats and bread and things that could be sold at a discounted rate to people to take home and freeze OR better yet, given away to people so that it does not have to go to waste.

I was told that the reason they do not give it away is for liability purposes but they are covered under the good samaritan act! There is no reason this food cannot go to good use! This is completely unsustainable way to run a huge corporate business and the amount of ground beef I seen that was going to get thrown away made me feel sick and angry.

Animals are being tortured and losing their lives all to be thrown in the garbage? Please everyone lets work together so that we can help feed the hungry and stop the unnecessary waste!

Costco has no company-wide food recovery program in place. According to figures derived from its own 2009 sustainability report, the company composts 45 million pounds of food each year !!!

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