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Stop Selling Eggs From Cruel Battery Cage Farms

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My name is Quilla and I live in Washington. I’ve always been an animal lover and I’m proud of the recent changes I’ve seen made this year by large corporations, like Walmart and Compass Group, to move away from cruel farming practices. Just this past week, I saw a video that shows inside a farm that does the exact opposite and that farm is one of the biggest suppliers to Costco.

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world and was even among the companies to publicly indicate that it wanted to eliminate cage confinement of chickens from its supply chain. Eight years have passed and still Costco continues to support this terrible practice.

The video shows birds crammed into tiny wire cages, with them and their cage mates without any room to spread their wings or clean themselves. The birds are forced to walk on the mummified corpses of their cage mates who suffered a painful death in the terrible conditions. The video goes on to show several other inhumane conditions the birds are living in, including dead birds on the ground.

These conditions are nothing like what Costco is advertising to us. Their packaging shows green pastures and happy hens, hiding the true cruelty in their supply chain. Although the truth has been exposed, Costco continues to refuse to address this issue and even released a statement claiming that "we believe Hillandale Farms is committed to animal welfare”.

Please sign my petition and tell Costco to stop buying eggs from these cruel, unsustainable, and disgusting battery cage farms.

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