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Stop Carrying Eggs From Cruel Battery Cage Farms!

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My name is Erika and I recently learned that Costco has a dirty secret; they sell eggs that are sourced from battery cage farms and refuse to present any plan to phase them out.  With a number of locations here in Georgia I'm disturbed to think that this type of animal cruelty is being supported in my home state! 

I learned about this issue from The Humane League, an animal welfare organization that I volunteer for. They reached out to Costco, but Costco refuses to commit to ending their support of battery cages. Battery cages are tiny barren wire cages where hens are packed so tightly together that they can barely move.  They are kept in these cages for virtually their entire lives unable to even stretch out their wings. This outdated agricultural practice is so cruel that it is already illegal in several states in the US and is banned in 27 countries around the world.  

Costco proudly boasts their commitment to sustainability and presents themselves as a innovative leader in the retail industry. The truth is - no true leader would support an archaic practice like battery cages! The food industry is moving away from battery cages and major corporations are already phasing out battery cages including Whole Foods, Burger King, Compass Group, Au Bon Pain, and others, yet Costco refuses to address the issue.   

Please, sign my petition and join my boycott of Costco and ask them to stop buying from cruel battery cage farms! Let them know that consumers do not want to be supporting this kind of extreme animal cruelty!

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