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Costco: Require eco-friendly food packaging (and collect clamshell packaging for re-use)

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While we LOVE Costco's quality and prices on produce, eggs, deli and other fresh foods, recycling in communities outside of major metropolitan areas typically excludes the plastic packaging commonly used at Costco. The number of carts piled high with plastic packaging leaving just one store alone is staggering--multiply this by 7 days a week, 8 hours a day in stores throughout the country, and we have a problem. I know it's not JUST Costco, but they could be a leader.

PS I JUST called a recycling facility in Los Angeles to ask what happens to recycled clamshell packaging. I was told they are sent to CHINA for BURNING instead of coal. This is standard throughout the U.S. That's not really recycling. I bet people in areas that do recycle clamshell plastics would be shocked and appalled if they knew!  So...

Dear Costco:
Please require your suppliers to use more eco-friendly packaging, and or develop a collection process for collection and reuse of plastic packaging.

Please Work with your suppliers. Take the lead. Reduce your footprint. Make a difference in our community. PLEASE TREAT OUR ENVIRONMENT WITH THE SAME CARE AND RESPECT YOU SHOW TO YOUR EMPLOYEES AND YOUR CUSTOMERS. We will love you so much more!!!

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