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Save the Sloths from unscrupulous Sanctuary in Costa Rica

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The Sloth is Costa Rica's most well known iconic animal.  The recent report of two former Veterinarians who worked at the Sloth Sanctuary and reported on deplorable conditions in an article in The DODO , needs to be investigated.   They reported things such as animals crammed together in crowded cages often causing fighting and unwanted breeding.  Animals taken from the wild that should have remained in the wild captured and kept in tiny cages not allowing them to climb which causes horrible medical conditions that become life threatening, animals that can be rehabilitated and returned to the wild are kept and not released, deplorable and unnatural diets of foods that cause them to choke and then require emergency surgery to clear their airways of the food.  Babies not being feed as frequently as they should be which causes stunted growth. Sanctuary owners playing Doctor and administering medicines without proper knowledge or training, often over medicating and causing harm to the animals. 

The Sanctuaries rate of intake, rehabilitation and re-release is deplorable.  As reported in The Dodo online "Since its founding, the sanctuary has taken in around 725 sloths but released only 41 rehabilitated animals, fewer than two per year, according to figures provided by Dunner. In a 2014 video, Avey-Arroyo says the sanctuary has released 122 sloths in its 20-plus year history, which would be about five per year — a still-low number that appears to be inflated by including sloths who were simply relocated by the sanctuary without being admitted. Yet of the 191 sloths who lived at the sanctuary in March, Dunner said, only 25 were non-releasable."  A Sanctuary's mission should be rescue, rehabilitation and release back into the wild.  The owners of the Sanctuary are getting funds from online fundraising campaigns and using it on themselves rather than putting it towards what the animals in their care need.  The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica needs to be investigated to ensure these iconic animals are properly cared for as they should be.    We ask Costa Rica Environmental Agency Ministerio de Ambiente y Energia (MINAE) to see that this is looked into.  

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