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Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) Magazine/Hearst Corporation: Apologize for transphobic article/Stop publishing transphobic articles

Cosmo's March 2013 edition featured it's regular "Fearless Confessions- Worst Date EVER" column in its latest edition. Stories featured tell the story of male-identified people who have ruined dates from the worse manners imaginable to dining-and-dashing. This month's column features the story of a reportedly transwoman who stalked women on dating sites in order to find her ideal match to mimic, emulate, and supposedly "become". Entitled "He didn't want to date me, he wanted to BE me", the article uses an image of hairy, masculine leg in a delicate, feminine heal and tells the story of "Chris" (name changed*) and uses pronouns "he, him, and his" throughout the story to refer to this person who lacked social graces- randomly divulging personal details of their life via text message- and ultimately purposely deceived the unsuspecting date-to-be in order to steal her secrets of beauty and style.

Years ago, Seventeen magazine featured a transphobic article about a young, abusive, and again DECEPTIVE transgender man. Seventeen's parent company, Hearst, is also the publisher of Cosmo. After an overwhelming response from various outlets, Seventeen apologized in a future edition. Cosmopolitan should do the same. The narrative of the lurking transgender person is not only a petty attempt at entertainment that many media outlets have taken advantage of when quality is lacking but is also a terrible representation of the transgender community.

Please join me in contacting Cosmo/Hearst. This time, I not only seek an apology from Cosmo but from Hearst.

Letter to
Cosmopolitan (Cosmo) Magazine/Hearst Corporation
Hearst Magazine Corporate Alexandra Carlin
In your March 2013 edition, you featured the regular column "Fearless Confessions- Worst Date Ever". This month's article told the story of transgender woman who used a dating website for the purpose of stalking women's profiles in order to find the one they wanted to be just like. "Chris", who is referred to throughout the article using "he, him, and his" is portrayed in the unoriginal, and highly offensive narrative commonly used against transgender and gender non-conforming people as a lying, deceptive person.

The message that this sends to the widely uneducated reader base about transgender people is that they are lurking amongst us and are liars and unsafe. Your article also promotes using pronouns associated with one's sex rather than how one may identify.

We demand that Cosmopolitan Magazine issue an apology in one of its next 2 editions and the Hearst Magazine Corporation makes a commitment to stop publishing articles that are transphobic.

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