Include Black/Curly hair education in New Brunswick beauty schools

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It is our duty and honor as professional hairstylists to be well rounded in all types of hair, not just to the European standards. 

Exclusion of Black/textured (particularly 3C to 4C curl patterns) in the beauty industry as a whole has left our stylists frustrated & unprepared to do their work in the field due to lack education.

Too often stylists turn Black and POC clientele away because they have not been taught how to style, cut and maintain kinky/coily hair. This issue does not exclude makeup artists, where the standard is not include a range of deeper foundation colors in their kit.  

By not properly educating our stylists in school on textured hair types, these groups of marginalized people are being told that they are 'less than' by the very people who are in the business of making them feel beautiful. 

We demand that the Cosmetology Association of New Brunswick update the Hairstyling program and mandate that all New Brunswick cosmetology schools have comprehensive training on Black & Textured hair in the school curriculum. 

We have the ability to create a more inclusive industry where every skin color, hair color and texture is welcome and celebrated.