Fort Polk: Hold Corvias Accountable

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The residents at Fort Polk have finally had enough of our housing management company, Corvias.  For too long they have neglected their duties as our property managers.

*The houses have become filled with mold, which they deny, and state that it is normal, livable, and to just spray with bleach; no matter how many times it continues to come back. 

*Damages from flooded A/C units. Which they just some and set an overnight fan in to 'take care of it', only to charge you for the damages upon move out, not to even mention the mold that this causes. 

*They have moved residents into dirty houses that were never cleaned.

*Garages, ceilings, roofs, caving and even falling completely in, just to do a quick patch job and call it good. 

*Over charging tenants upon move-outs and illegally changing for expired products (e.i. carpets)

*Tenants reporting problems that are needing to be fixed and either having someone telling them that it's normal and or doing a sub-par 'fix', mostly only to charge the tenant later.

*Wrongfully evicting tenants. 

There are several service members and their families getting sick from these houses. They are not up to standard. We sacrifice a lot, our health shouldn't be one of them just because we want to live on post. Someone needs to hold Corvias accountable for their actions, or lack there of. We are giving up our entire BAH to Corvias and expecting them to give us quality housing, which I don't think is too much to ask for, only to be given health problems. 

By signing this petition, you are saying you have had enough of Corvias and are begging Fort Polk to step forward and investigate.