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Stop MK Delta Lands Group from Developing on Sensitive Peatland

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Now is the time to have our voices heard! MK Delta Lands Group are proposing to rezone 89 acres of Burns Bog to convert it to a commercial and residential area. The projected area is located directly beside a highway and on flood plain that will require thousands of tonnes of landfill, placing people and their environment at risk, and negatively impacting the water flow of the Burns Bog Conservation Area.

This proposed development would include the loss of vital habitat, increase human health problems associated with living next to a highway (i.e. hearing loss, respiratory problems, and reduced learning abilities), and contribute to a significant amount of carbon being released into the environment.

Burns Bog is the largest raised peat bog in Western North America and the largest undeveloped urban land mass in North America. With peatlands representing half of the world's wetlands and covering 3% of the earth's surface, the importance of Burns Bog and peatlands can not be overstated.  They serve as:

- Important water storage and regulators (i.e. a volume of peat = 90% water), helping to prevent flooding and maintaining a clean water supply throughout the year.

- Habitat for thousands of plants and animals including many rare and endangered species such as the organutan and Sumatran Tiger.

- A migratory stopover in Burns Bog for thousands of birds each year that travel along the Pacific Flyway.

and most importantly, 

As a carbon sink and reducer of climate change. Due to the slow decomposition rates of peat, peatlands act as a carbon sink, holding twice as much carbon than the entire world's forests.  If disturbed (i.e. fire, development, and draining), peatlands hold a large potential to add a significant amount of green house gas emissions to the environment. Read more about carbon emissions from peatlands.

With our vastly urbanizing landscape, what little 'green' space we have left is slowly diminishing to make room for short-term solutions.  Peatlands serve an ecological service that can never be easily replicated or restored.

Join us to stop MK Delta Lands Group by signing this petition and asking the Corporation of Delta to deny the rezoning request of MK Delta to develop over sensitive Burns Bog lands. Together, our voices can make a difference!

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