Help the 99% Recover from COVID-19 Crisis

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The world after this COVID-19 crisis is a frightening one; the fixes are mind-boggling. Here are things the 1% in our country can do starting immediately:

-        Give back your tax cut. That would offset at least $1 trillion of the Coronavirus costs.

-        Create a fund from your bonuses and pay raises garnered from the tax cuts to pay off the education costs for nurses, doctor, EMTs, and any other essential workers who had to keep leaving the safety of their homes to help the rest of us.

-        Donate money to a second fund to pay off front line workers’ mortgages or pay their rent for 2 years.

-        Create a third fund to keep the small businesses in your state in business through grants. Banks should forgive outstanding small business loans.

-        Administer the funds outside any government entity and preclude any company not within the Small Business Administration (SBA) definitions of small business or are part of a larger corporation (for example, hotels and restaurants which might apply as their own entity even though they are part of a chain)

-        Pledge to pay your taxes and forego using legal loopholes and any tax dodge you can imagine.

In other words, think of the greater good and the future of our country.

Tweet/Facebook/email this petition to the corporation of your choice. This article from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy links to a list of companies that paid no taxes in 2018, and in some cases got rebates.

(Picture from National Nurses United.)