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Send Mirela instead of Manel Navarro to Eurovision

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We, the undersigned, protest against a very undemocratic decision last night in the final of Objetivo Eurovision 2017 when Manel Navarro has chosen Spain's representative instead of Mirela, the one chosen by the Spanish public. The main reason is to call foul on the tie-breaking vote, where the former received 2 votes over the latter's 1 vote. It is both an outrage and a fraud that a very average song won over a widely popular song, as in the case of Poland in 2016, when Michal Szpak's "Color of Your Life" won over Margaret's "Cool Me Down".

The following are the grounds for this petition:

  1. The three members of the expert jury, all of them music radio and TV personalities, gave their votes first, summed up as follows: Manel Navarro 34 points, Mario Jefferson 25 points, Mirela 22 points, LeKlein 22 points, Paula Rojo 21 points, and Maika 20 points.
  2. The televote results summed up as follows: Mirela 36 points, LeKlein 30 points, Manel Navarro 24 points, Maika 21 points, Paula Rojo 18 points, and Mario Jefferson 15 points
  3. The grand total summed up as follows: Manel Navarro 58 points, Mirela 58 points, LeKlein 52 points, Maika 41 points, Mario Jefferson 40 points, and Paula Rojo 39 points.
  4. Current Eurovision voting rules state that if there was a tie between two or more songs in the combined ranking between televotes and the jury, the song that obtain a better ranking from the televote would prevail over the other.

We, therefore, hereby demand to reverse this decision and send the legitimate representative of Spain, Mirela, to the 62nd Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukraine.

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