Veterinarians Need To Be Classed As Essential Services

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We are asking that the Coronavirus National Cabinet include Veterinary Practices on their list of Essential Services. In addition to veterinarians, all associated businesses such as veterinary pathology laboratories, medical, pharmaceutical and equipment supplies, pet crematoriums etc also need the same classification.

The Veterinary Association of Australia (AVA) has been lobbying to allow their members to be included as an Essential Service. The closure of many non-essential services as a result COVID-19 could have serious consequences if the government does not act URGENTLY to address veterinarians as Essential Services, as further closures are likely to occur.  The latest update from the AVA can be found here.

The consequences for Australians and their pets is unthinkable if the Coronavirus National Cabinet does not act quickly and definitively in relation to the classification of veterinarians and associated businesses. 

Millions of Australian households own pets of one type or another. The Australian population of pet owners need this certainty. Lack of veterinary treatment will cause some of the following issues. 

- Sick and dying pets unable to get treatment potentially causing further health issues to the Australian population

- Animals suffering that need euthanasia and no one to do it.

-  Mental health issues,  with pet owners being helpless when their pets need medical treatment and they cant get it. 

We urge the Coronavirus National Cabinet to act URGENTLY, provide certainty and support the AVA.  Pet owners across Australia need to know they will have access to veterinarians as Essential Services as more and more non-essential services are shut down.