Coronado Schools Address Racism

Coronado Schools Address Racism

June 7, 2020
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Coronado Unified School District
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Why this petition matters

Dear Superintendent Mueller and Coronado School District Principals,

We write to you as students, alumni, and community members to respectfully ask that Coronado Unified School District create a plan to address systematic racism. 

All around the world, people of all ages and backgrounds have been united in the fight against racism and injustice. Coronado students have been participating in these protests and taking action to support the Black Lives Matter movement. A current CHS freshman, Maxine Antione, started a peaceful protest along Orange Avenue. Current CHS junior, Mia Haddway, planned a chalk walk by the George Floyd Memorial along Ocean and Loma Avenue. Current CHS freshman, Sophia Marine, distributed Black Lives Matter signs around Coronado. Current CHS sophomore, Ava Polczynski, created an online resource to support Black Lives Matter. Our school district has over 3,000 students, staff, and faculty who could further contribute to this movement. 

These acts of solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement are notable, but real, lasting change will require much more action. The Coronado Unified School District needs to add their voice to the growing call for radical and immediate change and make a plan to address systemic racism. This plan needs to be communicated to the community and implemented at all grade levels in the upcoming 2020-2021 school year. For next school year, Coronado Unified should:

1) Make a public statement condemning racism and supporting justice.
2) Acknowledge the lack of racial diversity in Coronado and how it came to be.
3) Use and teach the appropriate terminologies and theories to discuss race.
4) Discuss current events as they relate to the material covered in classes.
5) Ensure classes acknowledge multiple perspectives.
6) Teach the history of minority groups from their perspectives.
7) Require English classes to read books written by African American and American minority authors.
8) Discuss racism as it relates to STEM and specific fields.
9) Encourage groups serving marginalized peoples to come talk with Coronado students.
10) Encourage students to learn about and acknowledge their own ignorance and biases.

Racism has existed for generations. Unfortunately, it still exists today. CUSD and the largely white and privileged student body needs to engage in some serious self-reflection and learning to develop a greater understanding of our place in the world. 

We are asking you to create change in the Coronado schools so we can continue to learn and grow to become champions of equality and justice. 

Thank you.

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Signatures: 4,814Next Goal: 5,000
Support now