Corona Virus Kenya: Petition to STOP all flights from CHINA & #COVID-19 hotspots

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The Kenyan government seems not to care about us, they are willing to bring CORONA VIRUS home and KILL US all for the sake of maintaining business ties with China. The majority of countries in the world have halted flights into and out of China. Sign this PETITION, we must FIGHT BACK for our LIVES and those of our CHILDREN and FUTURE GENERATIONS!

A fast-moving virus originating in China and known as the "new coronavirus" or COVID-19 has infected tens of thousands of Chinese citizens and spread to more than 30 countries. So far more than 2,600 people have died from the deadly virus.

The Kenya government continues to allow some airlines originating from China to land in Nairobi weeks after Kenya Airways suspended its flights to and from China amid the coronavirus outbreak. For instance, China Southern Airlines Flight CZ 6043 landed at JKIA at 7:29 am on 26th February 2020 with 239 passengers on board. 

The Kenyan health sector is broken to the extent that there are no medicines for patients, cancer patients are being turned away from the Kenyatta National Hospital(the biggest referral hospital in the country).

Kenya is not prepared to deal with CORONA VIRUS(COVID-19) outbreak.

Don't let them kill us! Don't sit and wait to watch your loved ones die helplessly for something that we can prevent NOW!

SIGN and encourage others to SIGN the PETITION for OUR LIVES! KENYAN LIVES MATTER!