Cornwall Council to formally address the heroin problem in St Austell Town Centre

Cornwall Council to formally address the heroin problem in St Austell Town Centre

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In the last 7 days I have seen 3 photos of heroin addicts taking drugs in the town centre in broad daylight. I have seen photos of human faeces in the churchyard where my parents got married. I have heard reports of people sniffing lines off their wallets in shop doorways. I have seen photos of public toilets and garden spaces with needles and other remnants of their dirty habit left behind.

I personally have had a group of them turn up and bang on the door to my house for over an hour, demanding I let them in to the adjoining flats. I have opened my front door to leave for work in the morning to find a gentleman with his hand in my post box. I have caught them nicking dog ends from the closed ashtray outside my flats. I have been in the car with a friend when a beer can was thrown at her windscreen. The incidents are very real and happening very frequently.

I, like many others, no longer feel safe to go shopping in the town I have lived in the entirety of my life for fear of being accosted for money by homeless (or fake homeless) addicts, witnessing active drug use or coming to harm by contact with the masses of paraphernalia left behind and all the antisocial behaviour that comes with it. 

I am also massively concerned about the threat of vigilante action from some people. I have seen threats such as "kicking their heads in" or "pour a boiling kettle over them". The right people need to listen and take action, before the wrong people take matters into their own hands - I don't want someone being seriously harmed outside my front door, anymore than I want someone abusing a substance there.

Cornwall Council seem to be doing little to manage or even attempt to eradicate the problem, regularly accepting and paying for more addicts to move from near and far in to our countless halfway and supposed rehabilitation houses but failing to provide adequate support to get and keep the users clean, and out of the town centre.

 Please, residents of St Austell and further afield Cornwall, sign this petition and force our councillors, MP and Police Service to hear our voices and formally address this ongoing issue to make St Austell a half decent place to live again.