A better location for NYPD BOMB SQUAD HEADQUARTERS - Say NO to gridlocked Chelsea!

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The NYPD Bomb Squad is planning to relocate to 241 West 26th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenues.  We believe this is an extremely poor location, and will make all of New York less safe:

1. THIS IS A HIGH GRIDLOCK AREA! - West 26th was just reduced from two lanes to one to create a bike lane after a cyclist was killed on the street last year.  The street is now gridlocked constantly, preventing the passage of emergency vehicles.  This would prevent the bomb squad from quickly reaching bomb threat sites, especially in lower Manhattan and the outer boroughs.  This makes all of New York less safe.

2. THE BOMB SQUAD HEADQUARTERS WILL BE AN ATTRACTIVE TARGET TO TERRORISTS! - This is not something that should be in such a dense residential and school area.  There are other areas that are not completely surrounded by apartments, schools and businesses, and which are also more accessible to more parts of the city.

3.  THIS LOCATION WOULD BE DETRIMENTAL TO THOSE WHO LIVE, WORK, AND GO TO SCHOOL HERE! - This is a dense residential area, which also contains schools, daycare centers, FIT, and many businesses, all of which will be threatened or disrupted by having the Bomb Squad in this location.  The NYPD could not possibly secure the surrounding area without disruption to the function of the neighborhood.