Change Bradwell from 7 Period Schedule back to 4 Block Semester Schedule by 2018-2019

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Many of my fellow peers, parents of the Liberty County School System and teachers have complained about how Bradwell Institute and Liberty County High School serve on two different schedules. Liberty having a 4 block semester schedule while Bradwell has 7 classes a day. Bradwell has switched to this schedule just last year in the 2016-2017 school year, and it has had negative outcomes for the students and the teachers. Students have stressed more about work than usual. Studying for 7 classes a day is not easy. Teachers have not had time to teach their respected subjects under a 50 minute window. Liberty has 4 classes a day per semester for 90 minutes. Teachers have more time to teach and students have more time to learn and finish their daily tasks. Also with our credits, with the 4 block schedule we had a total of 8 classes and we earned 8 credits at the end of the year. With the 7 classes however, we only earned 7 credits at the end of the year. This schedule took away that one credit we could have earned. Parents, students, teachers, administrators, board members, and all fellow Liberty County citizens involved in the school system, please support me on this by signing this petition to switch Bradwell from its 7 class schedule back to its original 4 block semester schedule like it used to have. We want to ensure that there is equality and balance between the two high schools. We want the students to have equal education using the same methods. Please support me on this.

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