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Because our justice system should be to protect the innocent and to imprision the guilty. Our justice system has done Mr. Miller wrong it is time for him to come home to his family and to be there for his kids where a real man needs to be. 

Letter to Corey (C-Murder) Miller
Help free a man that has been wrongfully accussed of a crime that he has been imprisioned for. There is no evidence yet Louisiana says he is guilty, there is No gun, No D.N.A, No evidence yet this man is sitting in prision serving a life sentence while the real man who did this crime is out there running the streets free. Please take a moment of your time and sign this petition and help Corey Miller be free to come home to his family where he belongs so that he can enjoy his life with his family and not locked up for a crime that he didn't commit. What would you do if it was your family member that was wrongfully accused of a crime? Wouldn't you want justice served? Wouldn't you want to see them home with you as well? Let's see justice served for Corey Miller as well let him be free to come home to his family and be free!

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