Please issue an immediate statement clarifying the Party's stance on copyright.

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RECENT MEDIA REPORTS have drawn attention to the Party's policy statement on copyright, which currently reads:

"Specifically we will... b. introduce generally shorter copyright terms, with a usual maximum of 14 years;"

This has led to a loss of confidence in the Party by members of the creative community who see this as a direct threat to their livelihoods. This is bringing the party into serious disrepute: at a time when we need to win as many supporters as possible, we are now alienating thousands of prospective voters — the very people we need on side, the writers, artists and musicians whose voices could be singing our praises, are instead being driven away.

Unofficial statements have been issued by Tom Chance and Caroline Lucas but other than vague responses on facebook, there has been no clarification from Party HQ.

If Tom and Caroline are correct and the policy statement really means "14 years after the originator's death" rather than "14 years" period, please issue an immediate OFFICIAL Party statement to that effect NOW to help us undo the damage and win back the confidence and votes of the creative community before this year's General Election.

Thank you.


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