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Happy New Year    :) I hope your New Year is new, all the way through   :) On New Year's Day, and after, advocate on humanities most pressing issues: Copenhagen, Global warming, Native American, and Indigenous rights     :)       ACTION ALERT: GAZA SOLIDARITY ACTIVISTS BLOCKED BY EGYPT   :) IFCO / Pastors for Peace ACTION ALERT: GAZA SOLIDARITY ACTIVISTS BLOCKED BY EGYPT:
CALL THE EGYPTIAN EMBASSY/MISSION/CONSULATE IN YOUR AREA! Since early December, 500 activists have traveled across Europe in Viva Palestina's third caravan to deliver humanitarian medical aid to Gaza. Viva Palestina is a project founded by progressive British MP George Galloway, for which IFCO serves as fiscal sponsor. Their plan has been to enter Gaza by way of Egypt, as they did (successfully and peacefully) in July 2009 -- but the Egyptian government was denying them entry into Egypt via the Rafah border crossing. They spent Christmas Day in a parking lot in Aqaba, Jordan, and some of their members began a hunger strike. The latest word is that Egypt has said that the group can only enter Egypt if it arrives at the port of Al Arish on the Mediterranean coast. This will add days and cost to the journey, since it involves hiring ships and sailing around the Sinai peninsula through the Suez canal. At the same time an international group of 1300 peace workers known as the Gaza Freedom March is currently in Cairo. They are also trying to enter Gaza, to mark the anniversary of last year's massacre, in which the Israelis bombed Gaza and killed about 1400 civilians. Information about both projects is available at their websites:   PLEASE CALL THE EGYPTIAN EMBASSY IN WASHINGTON,
(contact information is listed below). ASK THEM TO LET VIVA PALESTINA AND THE GAZA FREEDOM MARCH
3521 International Ct, NW, Washington DC 20008 TEL: 202.895.5400 FAX: 202.244.4319 202.244.5131 EGYPTIAN MISSION TO THE UNITED NATIONS 304 East 44th St. New York, NY 10017 TEL: 212.503.0300 FAX: 212.949.5999 CONSULATE IN NEW YORK
EMAIL: EGYPTEG@AOL.COM TEL: 212.759.7120 FAX: 212.308.7643 CONSULATE IN CHICAGO 500 N. Michigan Ave. - Suite 1900 Chicago, IL 60611 WEBSITE : WWW.EG2002.NET TEL : 312.828.9162 FAX: 312.828.9167 CONSULATE IN SAN FRANCISCO 3001 Pacific Ave. San Francisco, CA 94115 EMAIL: EGYPT@EGY2000.COM WEBSITE: WWW.EGY2000.COM TEL: 415.346.9700- 415.346.9702 FAX: 415.346.7352 - 415.346.9480 HOUSTON CONSULATE OFFICE 1990 Post Oak Blvd. - Suite 2180 Houston, TX 77056 TEL: 713.961.4915 FAX: 713.961.3868 Please accept our apologies if you have received this email in error. To be removed from the IFCO / Pastors for Peace mailing list, please send a blank message to If this message has been forwarded to you and you would like to subscribe to the IFCO / Pastors for Peace mailing list, please visit and follow the instructions provided, or send a blank message to " "         Don't Mourn. Organize    :) You've signed a petition(s) on behalf of Leonard Peltier within the
last year or so. You know then that 2009 was an eventful year for
Leonard and his supporters. The parole decision was disappointing,
but we won a number of important battles and demonstrated that
support for Peltier is alive and well.

"Don't mourn. Organize!"

In that spirit, 2010 will be a busy year.  We're confident that
2010 will bring many blessings.

There's a whole crew of attorneys on board working on issues
related to Leonard's case.  Peter Matthiessen's recent article in
the New York Book Review generated so much interest that it has now
gone into syndication. Community organizing is kicking into high
gear with the Zoom In campaign and other campaigns are planned for
the coming year. Working with the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa
Indians, Leonard's Committee recently succeeded in directly reaching
Attorney General Eric Holder to formally request Leonard's transfer
from maximum security. Lobbying efforts targeting the Department
of Justice, White House, and Members of Congress will be undertaken
in the coming year. Outreach to Indian Nations (begun prior to the
White House Tribal Summit) will continue.

This will only happen with YOUR help.

--> Donate now:

Make a one-time donation or pledge now to donate monthly, quarterly,
or annually: .

Check out the selection of lithographs and digital prints,
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too. Gift certificates are available, as well.

Leonard's freedom depends on you.

Be a friend to Leonard Peltier. Donate to the
Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee now.  Go to

Alternatively, checks and money orders made payable to the "LPDOC"
can be mailed to LP-DOC, PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND 58106.

Do what must be done.  Free an innocent man.

Friends of Peltier Time to set him free... Because it's the RIGHT thing to do 
        World March Continues its Journey Across the Planet   :) Dear Friends, The World March for Peace and Nonviolence continues its journey across the planet. When I last wrote, the March had just completed its European leg, and begun its African journey. Since then the marchers reached the Americas, arriving first in the US and working their way down to South America where the March will culminate on January 2nd in Punta de Vacas, Argentina.  
  Here are a few of the highlights from the past few weeks:
The World March in East Africa On November 28th, as the base team was competing its tour through northwest Africa, another team began a 21 day tour through eastern Africa, traveling from Kenya through Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa. At right, the team gathers on the steps of Maputo's City Hall.   
  The World March Base Team in the United States The base team of the World March visited 5 cities in the US during the first week of December, and events were held in support of the March in 15 additional cities, including Tampa/St. Petersburg, Honolulu, Lexington, Wappinger Falls, Sacramento, and Las Vegas.   The marchers arrived in New York City from Senegal in the morning of November 30th, their first stop in North America. Despite heavy rain and cold temperatures, 1200 people joined the team in a march across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall. More than half of those marching were youth, and the participants also included representatives from peace and social service organizations, unions, universities, and religious and cultural groups. A celebration was held in the evening at Riverside Church, where Martin Luther King gave his historic "Beyond Vietnam" speech. The event was part of a 2-part (continued in Washington) homage to King and his shining example of nonviolent action. The marchers were addressed by Dr. Bernard LaFayette (right), a leader in the Civil Rights movement and a lifelong nonviolence activist and educator. On December 1, the marchers participated in a Ceremony of Reconciliation at Ground Zero, co-sponsored by September 11 Family for Peaceful Tomorrows, honoring those who died on September 11th, 2001 and all civilians who have died from war, terrorism, and other acts of aggression, and calling for reconciliation instead of revenge. In the afternoon, a delegation of marchers met at the United Nations with Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, who offered the support of the UN, calling the March a "noble effort". Mr. Ban was presented with a copy of the Charter for World Without Violence, and the World March agreed to adopt his 5-Point Plan for nuclear disarmament as one of its official documents.   In Washington, DC, the marchers gathered on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, at the precise location of King's 1963 "I Have a Dream" speech, acknowledging the tradition of nonviolence within American culture, but also addressing the US role in the global arms race and nuclear proliferation, and, coming just hours after Obama's announcement of troop escalation in Afghanistan, its ongoing military occupations which continue to stand in the way of global peace. In San Francisco, the marchers boarded a "cable car caravan" that visited the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco sites, ending at City Hall, where they were presented with a City of San Francisco Resolution in support of the World March. In Los Angeles, the marchers received a blessing from the Tongva Nation, and a march with 500 people down Wilshire Boulevard led by actor Martin Sheen. And in San Diego, the marchers led a convoy from San Diego to the Mexican border, where a ceremony and press conference were held, addressing the violence of economic disparity and discrimination against immigrants. The marchers crossed the border and were welcomes into Mexico in Tijuana. The World   The March in Central America The Mayor of Mexico City welcomed to the World March to his city on December 4th, as the base team began the final leg of their trip, into Latin America. In a ceremony following a march through the city, it was said, "The passing of this group signifies the arrival of a new culture, the culture of nonviolence. It represents the arrival of a psychic people that comes from distant lands within the mental space of the human being, from the zones where the big inspirations and grand ideal come." The event was characterized by the presence of speakers who represented the fight against diverse forms of violence: the Bishop Emeritus of St Kitts, defending of the rights of the indigenous peoples; Senator Rosario Ibarra, supporter of the rights of the politically persecuted; the spokesman of the Mexican Union of Electricians, who denounced economic violence; activists for the rights for the persons with diverse sexual preferences, and representatives of the Institutes for Women and for the Youth, who spoke against gender violence and violence against young people. The team traveled through Chiapas, into Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, being greeted in each place by local dignitaries andlarge gatherings of supporters and accompanied by a band of drummers.In Costa Rica, a country that abolished its military in 1949, President and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Oscar Arias received a delegation in his residence on December 12th. On the next day, more than eight thousand people took part of a march through the streets of Panama City. This big mobilization was a product of the joint effort headed by the Humanist Movement of Panama with the support of the Mayoralty of Panama, the University of Panama, the Latin University, and the United Nations, among others. The previous week, at its XXV regular meeting in Panama City, the Latin-American Parliament (Parlatino) formally endorsed the World March, thanks to the efforts Costa Rican Parliamentarian Alexander Mora, who participated as a member of the team base of the March during its European leg.   Next Up: The World March concludes in South America.   May the New Year that approaches bring us all closer to Peace in our hearts and Nonviolence in our lives.   Dennis

Dennis Redmond US Coordinator World March for Peace & Nonviolence It was sent from: Dennis Redmond, 4313 47 Street, E36, Sunnyisde, NY 11104         Limit financial setbacks with consumer protection   :) Roberts: Limit financial setbacks with consumer protection Story Published: Dec 18, 2009, Indian Country Today This political season, health reform has rightly held center stage in Washington, but another kind of reform also deserves serious attention. Members of Congress are now considering how we can best achieve fair and sustainable financial services in this country. Will we keep the current regulatory structure - the one involving multiple agencies riddled with conflicts of interest and competing priorities? Or do we start fresh with a Consumer Financial Protection Agency - a single entity that would focus solely on consumer protections? Read More... First Nations Development Institute | 703 3rd Avenue | Suite B | Longmont | CO | 80501       After Copenhagen   :) CLIMATE CAMPAIGN
ACTION ALERT   Dear friends,

Last week world leaders let us down at the Copenhagen climate summit. We expected a fair, ambitious and legally binding treaty that would protect the climate. But leaders left without agreeing to the cuts in greenhouse gas emissions that science demands. They delivered words but no real action.

It's our future. We can change it.

It's up to each and every one of us to let leaders know that in the coming months we will make sure they finish what they started. Pressure from millions of people like you brought world leaders to the negotiating table, now we need your help again to make them finish the job.

It was the richest industrialised nations - the US, EU and Australia - that held the rest of the world back. Responsible for the largest share of historical emissions, they also have the greatest capacity to cut emissions and lead the world in a clean energy revolution. By acting out of self interest, they are putting millions of lives at risk.

We need to focus our efforts on these countries to change our future. Please take a few minutes today to write to these leaders and let them know the world is counting on them to finish the job. Words are not enough - action is what is needed. Leaders must step up and show real leadership by committing to a sound climate treaty.

Thanks for taking action
Greenpeace International
Greenpeace International Send a postal mail to: Ottho Heldringstraat 5, 1066 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands         Agree with Obama?   :) Dear MoveOn member, President Obama recently proposed that for the first time in history the Environmental Protection Agency will enforce global warming pollution limits under the Clean Air Act. The biggest polluters like coal plants and refineries would finally have to do something to cut down their pollution.1 But Big Oil and Coal are standing in the way because they don't want to do anything to clean up.2 Right now the EPA is accepting public comments on Obama's plan for just a few days. They read these comments very closely to determine if there's public enough public support to go ahead. And we can be sure the right wing is sending lots of comments opposing the plan. We can show them that the public is supporting this if enough of us act. Can you take a minute to sign our petition? Clicking here will add your name: The petition says: "I support President Obama's plan to enforce limits on global warming pollution from coal plants and other big polluters under the Clean Air Act." President Obama's proposal would not only help clean up the environment, but also create jobs by making factories and power plants more efficient and helping green technologies like wind and solar.3 And it's long overdue-President Bush refused to enforce these provisions of the Clean Air Act at all, even after the Supreme Court ordered him to do so.4 But the right wing is trying to stop President Obama from taking any action at all on global warming, and they're using every dirty trick in the book. Last month, they stole the personal emails of climate scientists in England and took a few words out of context to smear these respected researchers.5 Now they're attacking President Obama for even showing up in Copenhagen.6 The good news is that President Obama so far has stood strong, and his proposal to finally act on the Clean Air Act's global warming pollution limits is a big step in the right direction. We need to show that the American people support President Obama's efforts to fight global warming. You can help by signing our petition urging the Obama administration not to back down. Clicking here will add your name: Thank you for all you do. -Steven, Marika, Laura, Anna, and the rest of the team Sources: 1. "Time to Speak Out Against the Biggest Polluters," Grist, November 17, 2009
2. "Lobby Groups to Use Town Hall Tactics to Oppose Climate Bill," The Wall Street Journal, August 11, 2009 3. "The Economic Benefits of Investing in Clean Energy," Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts, June 18, 2009 4. "Justices Say E.P.A. Has Power to Act on Harmful Gases," The New York Times, April 3, 2007 5. "Science not faked, but not pretty," Associated Press, December 12, 2009 6. Ibid.Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members-no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here. PAID FOR BY MOVEON.ORG POLITICAL ACTION,       PETE SEEGER 90TH BIRTHDAY CONCERT DVD NOW ON SALE !
The much anticipated 2-DVD set chronicling The Clearwater Concert, an all-star celebration of Pete Seeger's 90th birthday at Madison Square Garden in New York City last May, is now available for retail purchase online at  Over 40 renowned musical artists performed at the concert, including Joan Baez, Bruce Springsteen and Dave Matthews, each putting their own spin on songs written or inspired by the legendary folk icon and making this once-in-a-lifetime gathering of multi-generational stars truly a remarkable birthday party.   Thank you for all your support this year!   Sincerely, 
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
All proceeds of this remarkable DVD package will go directly to Clearwater to help further its mission to inspire, educate and activate the next generation toward a green future.   Brimming with over three hours of music and choice interviews, The Clearwater Concert lets viewers relive the concert experience, or join in the sing-a-longs for the first time-it's an inspiring, joyful reminder of how music brings together people who want to make a difference.   The Clearwater Concert DVD is packed with incredible musical moments, many of them ensemble renditions of musical treasures inspired by Pete Seeger. Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Kris Kristofferson, John Mellencamp, Emmylou Harris, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Cockburn, Tom Paxton, Billy Bragg, Taj Mahal, Michael Franti, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka, Dar Williams, Steve Earle, Bernice Johnson Reagon, Ben Harper, Tom Morello, Oscar the Grouch and more all perform on the DVD. And so does Seeger, who leads the audience in a magisterial rendition of "Amazing Grace."   The Clearwater Concert DVD set is retailing for $35. It is not yet known when the DVD will be available in stores.  Also: The Clearwater Shop has all NEW items! Need a last minute gift idea? Support Clearwater by purchasing great gifts for everyone on your shopping list!    DONATE! When you make a purchase from the Clearwater Shop, you're helping to support educational programs and environmental advocacy.  In addition to the merchandise profiled below, please consider supporting your vision of a clean, green Hudson Valley by making a contribution or by purchasing a gift membership for someone you know.Your continued support keeps our river flowing and our beloved Sloop Clearwater sailing! 
For great gift ideas, visit http://  . Happy Holidays! Hudson River Sloop Clearwater | 724 Wolcott Avenue | Beacon | NY | 12508          Welcome to the December 2009 Newsletter   :) To read the newsletter, click here.

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As a volunteer movement, we are funded entirely by freewill offerings. Our volunteer stewards in your country and around the world handle thousands of contacts with teammates and other individuals every month, as well as provide a growing number of outreach programs and services. THANKS for your support! This email was sent to you by Humanity's Team, Fort Collins, CO 80522.       4Cs: Cobell Settlement, Climate Change and Contribute!   :) Friends Committee on National Legislation - A Quaker Lobby in the Public Interest
Native American Legislative Update Email List

NALU December 17, 2009
4Cs: Cobell Settlement, Climate Change and Contribute!

+  Cobell Settlement: A Bittersweet Victory
+  Native Americans Focus on Energy and Climate Change
+  Matching Gift Opportunity for FCNL's Native American Program

COBELL SETTLEMENT: A BITTERSWEET VICTORY (Adapted from post in intern blog, Of Peace and Politics)
For more than a century, the federal government has failed to adequately manage or account for huge sums of money that it owed Native Americans for the use of their land. Elouise Cobell, a Blackfeet Indian banker, sued the government on behalf of the individual Native Americans who were owed money. Last week she settled the 13-year old case. Cobell stated, "Indians did not receive the full financial Settlement they deserved, but we achieved the best Settlement we could. This is a bittersweet victory, at best, but it will mean a great deal to the tens of thousands of impoverished Indians entitled to share in its financial fruits."

Over the years, a wide range of figures have been named as possible settlements, but in June 2008 a federal court ruled that the government owed only $455 million to the plaintiffs. In the context of that ruling, the current settlement - $1.4 billion to be shared among the plaintiffs and another $2 billion to buy up small shares of scattered properties - may be a reasonable outcome. The settlement will yield only $1000 for each plaintiff in the class. It includes "a commitment by the federal government to appoint a commission that will oversee and monitor specific improvements in the Department's accounting for and management of individual Indian trust accounts and trust assets, going forward."

Ms. Cobell had mixed sentiments in her statement about the settlement ( :
"There is little doubt this is significantly less than the full amount to which individual Indians are entitled. Yes, we could prolong our struggle and fight longer, and perhaps one day we would know - down to the penny - how much individual Indians are owed.
Nevertheless we are compelled to settle now by the sobering realization that our class grows smaller each year, each month, and every day, as our elders die, and are forever prevented from receiving their just compensation."

She continued to say, "My greatest optimism about this settlement, however, is the hope it holds for significant and permanent reform in the way the Departments of Interior and Treasury account for and manage Individual Indian Money accounts"

For the full blog post, go here: 
See our website for more information and resources: website

Over 300 Native Americans, including tribal college representatives, grassroots organizers and environmentalists from around the country gathered in Minnesota November 18-21 for a workshop on climate change. Out of this workshop they produced the "Mystic Lake Declaration," a statement about the requirements of citizens of the Earth regarding global climate change. In the declaration they assert that "The United States and other industrialized countries have an addiction to the high consumption of energy. Mother Earth and her natural resources cannot sustain the consumption and production needs of this modern industrialized society and its dominant economic paradigm" and they "call upon the industrialized countries and the world to work towards decreasing dependency on fossil fuels."

Now, indigenous leaders and representatives have gathered in Copenhagen, calling for a just climate policy that takes indigenous peoples around the world into account. In addition to grassroots protests, a delegation of 21 Indigenous Peoples from North America, organized by the Indigenous Environmental Network, are "attending the international climate negotiations to speak on behalf of their Nations, communities and future generations in support of strong climate action." To read the rest of the quote, go here:

An exciting opportunity! Due to the generosity of a visionary couple the supports FCNL's work, your donation to support the Native American program will be doubled by their matching gift through the end of this year. FCNL's steady, consistent work is what your donations help make possible. Thanks to your support, FCNL is the only non-Native religious organization with full time staff devoted to Native American issues. Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to support FCNL's continued efforts to mobilize federal policy to support tribes to develop green energy on tribal lands, to vastly improve the public safety of Indians, and to increase funding for improved health, education and housing.

Learn more about any of the bills mentioned in this or other Native American Legislative Updates at the Library of Congress web site. Just type in the bill number or name to see the bill's text, co-sponsors, and schedule for hearings.


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Friends Committee on National Legislation | 245 2nd Street NE Washington, DC 20002 | | 800-630-1330         E-news: The last of his tribe, mining company's scare tactics, and more   :) Email not displaying properly? View it in your browser. E-news: December 2009 BRAZIL Attacked: the last of his tribe The last survivor of an unknown and uncontacted Amazon tribe has been targeted by gunmen. Ranchers in the area oppose government efforts to protect the man’s land, and are the most likely perpetrators. Full story » INDIA Mining company's scare tactics against Survival Metals giant Vedanta Resources has launched an unprecedented attack on Survival International, apparently to drive its researchers out of an area where the company is planning to mine. Vedanta’s mine will devastate the Dongria Kondh tribe. Read Vedanta’s attack and Survival’s response in full »
Take action – write a letter for the Dongria Kondh »   UK Santa delivers gift to Botswana government, from Kalahari Bushmen Earlier this month, Santa Claus made a special delivery to the Botswana High Commission in London. Botswana officials received a gift-wrapped bottle of water labelled ‘Thirsty Still’, highlighting the fact that three years after the Kalahari Bushmen won a landmark court case affirming their right to live on their land, the Botswana government continues to deny them access to water. Read more about Santa’s visit » GLOBAL Forty years on: Survival celebrates success in campaign for tribal peoples' rights Survival celebrates its 40th birthday this month, and we’re highlighting the huge advances in tribal peoples’ rights since 1969. Survival’s Director, Stephen Corry, said ‘The indigenous movement worldwide is more vocal and powerful than it has ever been. I’m incredibly proud of Survival’s many successes in the defence of tribal peoples’ rights. But there is a long way to go before we can say our job is done.’
Success stories in 40 years of campaigning » Last minute Christmas gift?
It’s not too late to order from Survival’s catalogue for Christmas delivery in the UK. 2010 wall calendars and Survival’s beautiful illustrated book ‘We Are One’ now available. Order by December 21 and we'll aim to deliver to the UK in time for Christmas. Shop for Survival »

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